Facilitating collaborative decision making


We understand the pressures faced by health care providers, physicians and institutions alike, when they strive to provide the best care to people diagnosed with life-threatening conditions. MediGuide is focused on facilitating collaborative decision making and establishing seamless communication between all parties involved in the Second Opinion process.

We have been successful in promoting the Second Opinion concept as a “must have” component of care to payers, when their beneficiaries are facing difficult medical decisions. By securing adequate reimbursement and cooperation from payers, we enable providers to employ the best practices in evidence-based medicine and provide access to state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, without regard of regional constraints and state and international borders.

Providing an opportunity to share medical advice for your patients

For those practicing at the academic institutions and world renowned medical centers, we provide a channel for sharing their years of experience with their colleagues on the front-lines of healthcare delivery. We also minimize the hassle and distraction, which often occurs, when poorly guided and sometimes fearful patients or relatives try to secure a medical consultation from a famous center.

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