Our Core Service Offerings

Medical Second Opinions (MSO)

MediGuide’s premiere service offering, a remote medical second opinion (MSO) service provides our members the option of having their diagnosis and/or treatment plan evaluated by some of the top medical minds in the world, allowing them access to the most up to date clinical information available on almost any medical condition. The MediGuide approach is simple, right diagnosis and right treatment equals healthy members, and fast. What sets us apart? We utilize a collaborative and holistic medical review by a team of expert physicians from all over the world vs. a single physician review; MediGuide provides our members medical information and recommendations from expert physicians who practice at World Leading Medical Centers. These institutions are renowned for leading the industry in research, cutting edge treatments, and overall quality of clinical outcomes. Our Members do not have to travel or deal with healthcare systems, MediGuide brings answers and peace of mind to them. All it takes is a free phone call to get started. Download our brochure to learn more.



Once an MSO has been completed, this service allows the insured member the opportunity to travel to the World Leading Medical Center, regardless of location, to seek treatment for their medical condition, with all associated costs of travel and medical services covered (up to the agreed-upon limit). Insured will receive up to One Million Dollars (US) insurance limit should Policy Holder wish to have selected medical treatment performed by the World Leading Medical Center that rendered Medical Second Opinion.

In addition, the expenses for travel, lodging, translations and other related costs during treatment incurred by Policy Holder and a companion will be covered by LifeLink. Download our brochure to learn more.



If a MediGuide member has completed the MSO process and needs specific medical assistance from one of MediGuide’s network of internationally recognized providers, our Navigator program will assist the member with advice on recommended facilities to the member based on the member’s Medical Second Opinion and arrange admission. The admission can be done in one of our World Leading Medical Centers, or in a medical facility more convenient for the Member. MediGuide will also provide the Member with a cost estimate for the treatment package, a settlement of claims from medical providers in and out of network, case management and a pharmacy review of prescribed drugs if relevant.

While the expenses of a round trip for both the Member and a companion are borne by the Member, our local representative will book the trip and help with possible Visa requirements. And to make the journey as smooth as possible, the Member and their companion will be picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel or hospital.

We also provide the member with translation services should the Member decide to go to a Medical Facility in a country where the Member doesn’t speak the local language. Furthermore, we will assist with arrangements for repatriation of mortal remains, should treatment fail, respectful of the religion and last wishes of the deceased member.

In addition, through cost containment and re-pricing strategies, MediGuide may help to save our members considerable costs in their treatment. These savings can be substantial for the Member who is financing the overseas treatment with the Member’s own funds. Navigator provides all of the services that the LifeLink program has to offer, but without the insurance.

Learn more about Navigator by downloading our brochure here.


In addition to MSO, MediGuide is delighted to offer to its members access to a telemedicine service through our valued partners, MySpecialistMD. MySpecialistMD has one of the most robust clinical telemedicine offerings available in the market today, as well as the most user friendly technology. MySpecialistMD offers our members access to a vast group of general and acute care practitioners from internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine and family medicine. This core clinical network provides both primary care and acute care for the most common medical concerns that arise. Additionally, there is also a diverse group of sub-specialists covering the majority of medical sub-specialties including, but not limited to, gastroenterology, endocrinology, nephrology, pulmonology, critical care, surgery, orthopedics and obstetrics and gynecology.

The MySpecialistMD platform delivers the spectrum of clinical expertise and triage, with the ability to layer clinical care based on the patients’ needs. The most exciting part of this process is that MediGuide Members are able to receive medical care remotely from computers, tablets or phones, on wireless or data servers. No need to leave the privacy of their homes, worry about finding appointment times, or navigate healthcare systems. MediGuide and MySpecialistMD make it easy so our members can focus on staying healthy. Download our brochure to learn more.