A medical second opinion service that significantly improves healthcare outcomes

At MediGuide we understand, many of us from personal experience, that a serious or life-threatening medical diagnosis can be overwhelming. Likewise, the decisions you make following your initial diagnosis can have a critical impact on your health. Getting a medical second opinion, not only helps you to better understand your condition but also the treatment options available to you.

Concerned about offending your physician?

Most people tend to shop around before making a major purchase but when it comes to their health and wellbeing, are less inclined to get a second opinion. Comparing medical advice is not about not trusting your physician or being in denial of your condition. In fact, many physicians agree that a medical second opinion adds value. It also gives you the confidence and peace of mind to know that you have done everything you can to ensure the best possible healthcare outcome for you or your loved ones.

Why choose MediGuide?

When diagnosed with a medical condition you want clear answers. You want the best advice from the top medical minds at world-leading medical centers. Our remote medical second opinion service means no geographic limitations - quick access to the right diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment by a team of experts, at no additional cost to you. Still unsure? Consider this. In 91.43% of the cases we evaluated in 2022 alone: in 3.20% of cases there was a change in diagnosis, and in 88.23% of cases there was a change in treatment choice.

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Your medical second opinion evaluation occurs remotely. This means your evaluation is conducted not just by one specialist but a team of expert multi-disciplinary physicians who practice at world-leading medical centers. These centers are renowned for their medical research advancements, cutting-edge treatments and the overall quality of their clinical outcomes.


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