What we offer

At its most basic, a medical second opinion is when a second physician reviews your medical file and offers an alternative diagnosis and/or treatment plan. At MediGuide, we take this a step further with four products that integrate with and enhance one another.

Getting a medical second opinion

MediGuide MSO

Your medical second opinion evaluation occurs remotely. This means your evaluation is conducted not just by one specialist but a team of expert multi-disciplinary physicians who practice at world-leading medical centers. These centers are renowned for their medical research advancements, cutting-edge treatments and the overall quality of their clinical outcomes.

A remote medical second opinion also means that if you need specialized care in a different location, you are not limited by distance, your availability to travel, or your capacity to travel if you have mobility issues.

Our approach is simple, quick and efficient and takes up to 10 days for you to receive a full review of your diagnosis and treatment plan based on the latest clinical research without having to leave the comfort of your home. There are no out-of-pocket costs for requesting or receiving a medical second opinion. All it takes is a free phone call to get started.

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Making sense of the healthcare system

MediGuide Navigator – expenses privately covered by you

Having completed the medical second opinion process, a case manager from our Navigator programme will help to make your route from treatment to optimal healthcare outcome as hassle-free as possible. Through MediGuide’s cost containment and re-pricing strategies, we may even help to save you considerable treatment costs, which can be substantial particularly if you are financing treatment with your own funds.

Our local representative will assist with:

  • Advising you on a recommended facility based on your medical second opinion
  • Providing a cost estimate for your treatment
  • Settlement of medical provider claims for medical providers in and out of our network and, where relevant
  • Full updated reports to your health insurance company during treatment

He or she will also assist with all the services offered in LifeLink:

  • Booking your travel arrangements
  • Helping with possible VISA requirements
  • Arranging admission for you at the medical center that conducted your medical review, at a medical center on our network that is geographically more convenient for you, or at a medical center on our network in another country
  • Arranging for you and your companion to be collected from the airport and driven to your hotel or medical facility
  • A pharmacy review of prescribed medication to make sure you receive the most appropriate medication and, when travelling to and from another country for treatment, to ensure your medications are legally compliant with regulations in your home country
  • Telephone translation services by medically trained staff (costs covered by MediGuide) if you travel to a medical facility in a country where you do not understand or speak the language – 24 hours a day
  • A pharmacy review of prescribed medication
  • Telephone translation services by medically trained staff (costs covered by MediGuide) if you travel to a medical facility in a country where you do not understand or speak the language – 24 hours a day
  • Transportation of mortal remains back to your country of residence if treatment fails – respectful of your religion and last wishes

You are privately responsible for all costs of travelling to one of the world-leading medical centers on our network within our global network to receive treatment for your medical condition. All associated costs of travel (business class), accommodation and other related costs during treatment are also covered by you. You may choose to have your medical treatment performed by the medical center that provided your medical second opinion or at another medical facility on our global network.

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