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“I would like to express huge gratitude to the Mediguide and MSO team.

In the past 6 weeks I was confronted with a complex and confusing health crisis, DCIS, which seems insignificant and superficial on first diagnosis but the treatment options offered seem excessive and very severe in comparison to the diagnosis. It has been very hard to comprehend the nature of the problem and work through the options to identify the best course of action for me. Added to this has been the pressure to make a decision and act with relative speed.

I was privileged to be offered by Mediguide the opportunity for a second opinion from Specialists in leading Teaching Hospitals who would review the information I had been provided locally and provide their expert opinion to help me make (and validate) my treatment decision. This opportunity has been an incredible gift.

The Mediguide team understood the complex challenge facing me and my need for an expedited report. They were empathic, supportive and highly professional in leading me through the process, ensuring that all information was submitted accurately and expeditiously. I was counselled on how the process worked, how to choose an appropriate institution for assessment and continuously kept informed by email and phone consultation. It was wonderful to have an informed, interested and caring person to talk to and explore the situation that confronted me. I was advised immediately when the reports were finalized and they sent to me in secure format (within 4 days) and then discussed telephonically. Furthermore, I was offered ongoing support should further information arise or if I had any other queries.

I want to re-iterate, the Mediguide Second Opinion process is an invaluable gift. It helps to re-assure, to calm and to inform. The team behind is caring, compassionate, educated and efficient.

I can only say, a huge thank you for your support and guidance.


“Getting a Second Medical Opinion was one of the best decisions I ever made.”Read the full testimonial.

“The Second Opinion, I believe, saved my life. It wasn’t in time to change the damage already done, but I believe that it has extended the time I do have…which certainly would be shorter without MediGuide’s wonderful, top-notch physicians and the diligent work you (and perhaps others there) did to give those doctors a thorough picture of my case.”Read the full testimonial.

“Polly Girard merece alabanzas por su dedicación, compasión, y habilidad. Es agradable trabajar con una profesional en la industria médica que siempre le importa las necesidades de la paciente más que todo. Ha sido nuestra honor y privilegio trabajar con Srta. Girard para asegurar el mejor cuidado para nuestra hija.”Leer el testimonio completo.

“It was comforting to get a second opinion on my husband’s cancer diagnosis. We were not entirely confident in what our local doctors were recommending. We chose John’s Hopkins as our leading medical center and they did a thorough review of the information and re-read all the slides and lab images. They found three more tumors on his CT scan that our local doctors missed.”Read the full testimonial.

“Cuando estas enfrentado con una decisión médica que podría cambiar el resto de la vida, muchas veces te sientes confundida y pérdida. Tienes demasiadas emociones, desde enojo hasta tristeza. El consuelo de saber que hay una compañía que le importa es una consolación agradable. Mediguide es este tipo de compañía.”Leer el testimonio completo.

很感谢DEER JET和MediGuide给我提供的二次诊疗服务,整个过程沟通很顺畅也很愉快,DEER JET的服务很好,SUE及时提醒我去准备相关的资料,NANCY以及他同事及时专业的翻译以及指导,MediGuide的Polly三次致电跟我沟通,很专业也很友好,非常感谢你们。虽然第二诊疗意见跟国内医生的建议差不多,但是让我更确定了我的病灶恶性可能性较小,如果需要确诊必须做活检,我会根据自身身体状况参考第二诊疗意见定期复诊,再次感谢大家!

Thank you for all the medical second opinion services provided by DEER JET and Medi Guide. The service provided by DEER JET is excellent. I want to thank Sue because she reminded me of preparing for all the related material in time. And I want to thank Nancy and her colleagues who provided me with good services. I also want to thank Polly from MediGuide who called me three times and we had great communication. Thank you all. Although the medical second opinion provided is pretty much the same as the ones that I got from the Chinese doctors, it confirms that the possibility of me having malignant lesion is low. I understand that if I need to confirm the second opinion, I will need to do the biopsy. I will refer to the second opinion review according to my own condition. Thank you again.


Just wanted to say thank you so much for arranging the second opinion for me. The second opinion doctor explained everything perfectly, and her credentials…well let’s just say they made me question what I’ve been doing with my life!

Our nurse case manager from MediGuide is even helping us get some additional questions answered and setting up a call with the treating doctor.

Thanks again!"

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